Another guy at a swimming pool ….

Hi, friends and readers:

If you like your young men blond and lean, then I know you’ll enjoy the photo I’ve posted here to the left. Who wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon at a swimming pool withย him.ย I’d like to give him a hand with that drawstring on his swim trunks. Yummy …. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My afternoon appointments went far quicker than I expected, so I was able to get back home by 3:30 PM. Of course, I’ll have to drive into the city for dinner and a movie tonight, but I’ll beat the rush hour traffic if I leave here by 4:40 PM.

Outside, it’s stinking hot and very humid, but at least it’s cool and dry inside my house and inside my car. And I’m looking forward to dining on a tasty happy hour cheeseburger at Ruth Chris steak house before our movie shows at 6:30 PM.

Have a nice Tuesday night, friends.

Sexy guys and swimming pools; busy day in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Here in Florida, we love our swimming pools, especially during our hot and humid summers, when I cool dip is the perfect antidote to a muggy day or evening. I learned to swim when I was five years old; I couldn’t wait to jump in the water any chance I could get. Now, of course, there are additional reasons for me to enjoy pools, as there are often the sexiest guys parading around in their swim trunks and showing off their lean bodies. Who could resist staring at the guy to the left?

I had a restless night. I woke up around three AM and never really got back to sleep for very long, but I can;t figure out why. I got plenty of exercise and didn’t eat or drink anything out of the ordinary. Anyway, I finally got up around 7:30 AM and got busy.

I have an active day ahead of me–two doctor appointments, dinner out with a friend, and a movie at 6:30 PM. We’re going to seeย Aladdin,ย which was sold out last week, but hopefully won’t be today. I’ve seen the movie trailer and it looks interesting, plus the guy in the lead role is cute as hell.

I’ll spend my morning editing a novel I had published several years ago, which needs substantial improvement. My writing is a lot better today than it was five years ago, and the book deserves attention. Then, right after lunch, I’ll it the road and won’t get back home until after the movie.

All right, everyone, I need to get busy, so I will close this post by wishing all of you a wonderful Tuesday. And keep smiling, it’s important.

Another hot guy in a backward ball cap; quiet evening in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I just love the expression on the boys face to the left. Don’t you know he’d be a handful if you took him out on a date? He has amazing lips and sexy dark eyes, just my type. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I had a great lap-swimming session this afternoon, followed by a full workout in the fitness center at the YMCA, My new schedule is working out well there, so I’m not missing my lap-swimming due to an over-crowded pool. Woo-hoo!

Before I drove home, I visited a tile store, toย  pick out new floor tile for my front screened porch. The old tile is too dark, and I want to replace it with something lighter. I think I found something good, and I brought a sample home wiht me. I’ll ask a few people for their opinions before I make up my mind, as I’m not the best at this sort of thing. ๐Ÿ™

I have no plans for my evening, other than dining on leftovers and watching a Netflix movie. And I’m fine with that. I had a busy weekend, and just want to relax. Have a nice Monday night, friends.

Boys in backward ball caps; typical Monday for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Certain young guys look very sexy when they wear a ball cap backward, and especially when they aren’t wearing anything else, like our friend to the left here. He’s pretty hot, isn’t he? Beautiful skin, nice muscles, and pretty blue eyes. Definitely boyfriend material. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I spent a pleasant evening with my friend and neighbor. We had a drink at a new rooftop bar down the street, with spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico. Then he made cheeseburgers for our dinner.

After dinner last night, I spent a little time on my back porch, listening to rain fall and the wind whistling in the trees on my patio. It actually feltย coolย outdoors for a change, and I hope we’ll have a wet summer this year.

Isn’t the guy to the left here cute? He has a killer smile and a slender build that makes me want to lick him all over. I wonder what his name is and where he lives? I’m guessing he’s…Kevin from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. He attends community college, lives with his folks, and occasionally fools around with his buddy Dylan when they get high on weed. Yummy …. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have a typical Monday in store for myself. I just submitted my new novel to my publisher on Saturday, so that project is done. I will probably spend this morning giving thought to a new book. I’ll solve theย N.Y. Timesย crossword puzzle. Then, right after lunch, I’ll drive into the city to visit the YMCA for a workout and lap-swimming session. I have tasty leftovers for my dinner tonight, and a good bottle of white wine to enjoy, so I’ll have a pleasant evening. Have a good Monday, everyone.

Another boy with lovely lips; Martin’s tired ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Have a look at the boy to the left here. Who could resist kissing his amazing lips? They’re such a bright pink, and oh-so-pudgy. I’ll bet he can do amazing things with them, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, my day got off to a slow start, but I shifted into high gear right after lunch. I wanted to take advantage of the overcast sky and the breeze to perform outdoor work. I raked leaves and trimmed hedges for 2-1/2 hours, and then I washed my car, inside and out, the first time I’d cleaned it in at least six weeks. Now it looks all shiny and spotless and the interior’s clean.

The humidity outside today is extremely high and I was sweating like a farm animal while I worked. I kept a hand towel in my pocket to wipe my face every ten minutes, and I kept guzzling bottled water while I worked. I probably sweated off a couple of pounds. Now everything is put away and my place looks great with the new paint job I had done in March. I love my home …. ๐Ÿ™‚

As mentioned this morning, my neighbor’s having me over for dinner tonight, a real treat, and then I’ll probably watch a Netflix movie afterward. I’m tired from my efforts and ready to relax. Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

Boys with amazing lips; steamy day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

In my book, kissing another guy is about the sexiest experience one can have, especially when he owns a pair of pudgy pink lips like the boys in today’s photo posts. The boy in the upper photo is, of course, William Franklyn Miller. He’s a gorgeous lad, but I fear he may be suffering from over-exposure in the media. In my opinion, his handlers need to limit the amount of photos he poses for.

I had a great time at the concert with my friends last night. We dined at a casual restaurant, one block from the house I grew up in, and I felt rather nostalgic, remembering the many times I walked past the building, on my way to go fishing as a boy. The concert hall was filled to capacity, but it’s an intimate venue, and I enjoyed the hell out of myself. I didn’t get home until midnight, and I was so keyed up from the live music I couldn’t get to sleep until two AM. Of course, that meant I slept until 10:30 this morning, so I’m off to a slow start.

I don’t have a lot planned for my Sunday, other than washing my car and doing a little more yard work, since the sky is overcast and it won’t be so hot today. A friend has invited me to his place for dinner, so I’ll have a relaxing day.

Have a great Sunday, friends.

Shirtless guys with backpacks; live music’s in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m not sure whey, but I think certain young men look sexy as hell when they’re shirtless and wearing a backpack. You get to see all of their torso, but they seem to think they’re fully dressed. It’s an appealing situation, and I think the guys in this morning’s photo posts are pretty amazing. I mean check out Mr. Cow Lick to the left here. He has beautiful skin and hair, and lovely facial features. Imagine kissing those lips? Aye-yi-yi …. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I spent a nice evening in the city with my best friend last night. We dined on Greek cuisine, and I brought home enough leftovers to make another meal.

It’s another scorching hot day, here on the island, too hot for exercising or doing yard work. But the newspaper says we may have rainstorms this afternoon, and maybe things will cool off a little.

I’m very excited about my Saturday evening. Around five PM, I will drive into the city to a friend’s home. I have know him since I was seven years old. He still lives in my boyhood neighborhood. He, his girlfriend and I will attend a performance by Steve Earle and The Dukes, a band out of Nashville that has been recording for many years. Their genre is hard to define. They are part rock, part country, with some ballads thrown in. hey are accomplished musicians, and I know the show will be stellar. We bought out tickets a month ago, and I’ve been drooling ever since.

In my book, live music is the ultimate entertainment, better than sports events, plays or movies. There’s an immediacy that simply can’t be beat. And thankfully, my buddy’s girlfriend will be our designated driver, so we can drink a few beers during the show.

All right, everyone, I need to get some things done around here, so I will close this post by wishing all of you an amazing Saturday. And keep smiling, it’s important. ๐Ÿ™‚

Guys with sexy abs; easy Friday for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

There’s nothing sexier than a young man with a set of rock hard abdominal muscles. Sadly, most guys’ abs disappear by the time they reach age 25, when their metabolism slows.

The guy you see to the left here is Hunter Guerink, an Instagram and YouTube personality. I think Hunter is from Georgia, and he seems like a very genuine guy. Sadly, I think he has a girlfriend. ๐Ÿ™ย  Oh, well, Hunter, you’re a beautiful young man, and your abs are nothing short of amazing. Keep working out, please.

I had such a nice Thursday evening with my friends. I grilled New York strip steaks and served them with twice-baked potatoes and sweet peas. We shared a bottle of good red wine, and also a lot of laughs.

After my friends left, I spent a little time on my back porch before retiring with a book to read.

I have an easy Friday ahead of me. I’m not going to the YMCA because I have an electrician coming here around one PM to correct a problem with my garbage disposal. Once he’s done, I will take a two-mile run, since the sky is overcast and it’s not so stinking hot.

Around 5:30 PM, I will drive into the city to spend the evening with my best friend. We’ll drink a few beers and get some takeout for dinner. It’s always nice, sitting on his second-floor deck and savoring the beauty of his rustic garden.

Have a nice Friday, everyone.

Another cute twink; nice evening on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Since it’s Twink Day on this site, I’m posting one more twink pic this evening, and isn’t he cute? I love his wavy hair and delicate facial features. He’s borderline androgynous, but that’s okay. He’ll be a beautiful man in 2-3 years, won’t he?

I just returned from the beach and showered, after spending 2-1/2 hours down there, enjoying the beauty of nature. My new tent is great, and few people were at the shore. The Gulf water was just the right temperature for bathing, and the overcast sky kept things comfortable. My friend and his girlfriend joined me, and we never ran out of things to talk about. We always end up laughing a lot, which I enjoy like hell.

In just a few minutes I will run down to our island market to buy steaks and red wine, as I’m hosting my friends for dinner tonight. Have a nice Thursday evening, friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

Twink Day on Martin’s site; beach day in store ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Ah, twinks. They’re so cute, but you can’t touch them. You can only wonder what they’ll look like when the reach legal age. I love their youthful exuberance and irreverent attitudes. I’ll bet our friend to the left here is one crazy kid. ๐Ÿ™‚

A friend came over last night, to share a bottle of wine with me, and then I warmed up leftovers for my dinner. I watched a little TV before climbing into bed with a book, and I was asleep by eleven.

It’s another hot day here, on the island, but I’m not going to let the heat get to me. A good friend is coming out here from the city, around one PM, and we’ll spend the afternoon down at the shore. I recently bought a 10′ X 10′ beach canopy, and we’ll put it up for the first time. I’ll take a three-mile walk for some exercise, and we’ll swim in the Gulf.

This morning, I’m working hard on final revisions to my new novel. I’ve been working on the book for almost a year–it’s a long one–and I am very pleased with the results. It’s a book about a guy learning to deal with personal losses, and his fight to prevent another loss from wrecking his life again. There are both sad and happy events taking place in the main character’s life, a lot of ups and downs. But there’s a satisfying ending, I think.

It’s always unnerving, when the time comes to submit a new book to my publisher. I’m always afraid they won’t like it, but those fears are almost always unfounded. I know this book I’m finishing is well-written and will pique readers’ interests.

All right, everyone, I need to get busy, so I will close this post by wishing all of you a terrific Friday. And keep smiling, it’s important.