Best friends, sharing life; pretty day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone deserves to have a best friend to share life with. Teenage boys, especially, need a best friend to help them navigate the daily ups and downs they face at home and at school.

My best friend was named Curtis. We met in ninth grade and remained best friends all the way through college. We kept no secrets from each other. And though Curtis was straight and I was gay, our sexual differences never affected our friendship.


I spoke on the phone with Curtis recently. He and his wife are retired lawyers, they live near Asheville, NC. He seems to be happy, living in the mountains with his wife and two golden retrievers. Both of us grew up in humble circumstances, but we made successes out of our lives, and I am glad we’re still in touch.

I slept in late this morning, but once I was up, I got busy. It’s beautiful outside–sunny and dry and about 72 degrees F. I don’t have a lot planned for my day, as I am not allowed to exercise. I have some light yard work to perform, and a couple of errands to run. Around five PM, I will build a blaze in my fire pit, and later I will dine on leftovers while watching a Netflix streaming movie.

Have a nice Saturday, everyone. And if you have a best friend, give him a call. He’ll love you for it. 🙂


Beautiful Gavin Casalegno; another blustery day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

It’s hard to think of a young man more beautiful than Gavin Casalegno, whom you see in today’s photo posts. He has a nearly androgynous appearance, which is captured exquisitely in the photo to the left here. Notice how the hibiscus bloom he is holding in his fingers mimics Gavin’s sensual mouth? Pretty amazing …. 🙂

It rained hard here last night, as a cold front swept into central Florida. A stiff wind is blowing off the Gulf of Mexico today, and it’s frigid out there.

I spent yesterday evening with my oldest and best friend. We enjoyed a couple of beers and listened to music while we chatted Then we dined on Greek takeout that, like always, was delicious.

I don’t have much on my plate for today, as I am still not permitted to exercise by my orthopedist. Today is my sister’s birthday and I spent 45 minutes on the phone with her. I worked the L.A. Times crossword puzzle and read the newspaper. I’m doing laundry, and after I dine on leftovers I will visit the supermarket for several things I need.

Tonight, I’ll prepare shrimp scampi and a salad for my dinner, but beforehand I plan to build a blaze in my patio fire pit. It should be a good night for it if the wind is blocked by my patio fence. A neighbor will join me and we’ll share a bottle of wine. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night during chilly weather, eh?

All right, everyone, I need to have my lunch and get a few things done around here, so I will close this post by wishing all of you a wonderful Saturday, wherever you might be today. And keep on smiling, it’s important. 🙂

A hot guy and his camera; blustery day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

A few weeks ago, I posted the photo to the left here because I found the young man taking the selfie quite beautiful. I mean, what more could you ask for? He has great hair and skin, a lean and athletic body, and handsome facial features. A pair of Calvin Kleins never looked so good.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, I came across another photo of the same guy, only in his new one he’s utterly naked and showing off his amazing rear end. Anybody know who this guy is? Can you get me his phone number? 😉

I spent a quiet night by myself yesterday, enjoying a tasty dinner and watching the fallout from the whole impeachment process. I keep my political views out of this website, so I have no comment on the outcome of the proceedings.

Okay, here’s our friend with in all his glory, and isn’t he lovely? He seems to enjoy photographing himself in suggestive poses. I wonder if he has a boyfriend? I can’t believe he wouldn’t, with his wholesome good looks, but you never know.

I was up at nine this morning, and after I brewed coffee and enjoyed my breakfast, I went over the proofreader’s final edits on my upcoming novel, a 90,000-word monster both I and my publisher are very excited about. This will be my first book published in nearly eighteen months, and I am eager to see readers’ reactions to the book.

It’s a blustery, humid morning, here on the island. A cold front is approaching from the north, and the front is sucking up pressure and moisture from the south, so the wind’s really blowing hard. I plan to finish mulching my parkway this afternoon, after making a stop at the wine market to replenish my supply.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

Beautiful guys in black-and-white; busy Wednesday for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Every week, I choose a day to showcase some of my favorite black-and-white photos, and today is one of those. The young man to the left here is Romanian fashion model, Crisitian Chriac, who I think is one of the sexiest guys on the planet. I like everything about him–his tousled dark and wavy hair, his smooth skin and handsome facial features. And I find his lanky frame quite appealing. Definitely boyfriend material. 😉

I was up pretty early this morning, after a good night’s sleep, and at ten AM I had to drive my Element over to west Tampa for a follow-up appointment on my hand surgery performed back last August. Thankfully, traffic wasn’t bad.

My appointment was brief, and then I zoomed back to Pinellas County, where I stopped to gas up my car and to buy my annual parking pass so I can park on the street in front of my house. I had a hasty lunch, and now it’s one PM.

Now, have a look at the photo to the left here. He’s a beautiful young man, with his turned up nose and bushy hair, and I love the expression on his face, which seems to suggest he’s not sure why the photographer took his picture. Well, I sure know why … 😉

Anyway, it’s a pretty afternoon, here on the island, and I plan t spent a good part of it working in the right-of-way in front of my house, completing the weeding process and putting down fresh mulch. Okay, it’s a tedious task, but a necessary one, and since I can’t exercise until I see my orthopedist again (February 18th), it gives me something to do outdoors.

I don’t have any plans for my evening, but that’s okay. I’m thawing a chicken breast and I have a movie to watch, so I’ll be good. Have a nice Wednesday, everyone. 🙂

Guys with sexy lips; another lovely day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I’ll never forget the evening I first kissed another guy as a prelude to sex. It was such a thrilling and liberating experience, especially because sex between men was still a societal taboo at the time.

Anyway, I find kissing one of the most romantic things I can do with another guy, especially if he has a pair of plump and curvy lips I can spend a half-hour focusing my attentions on, like our friend to the left here. Isn’t he a cutie? I’ll bet his boyfriend loves kissing his pretty lips into next week.

I built a blaze in my fire pit around 5:30 PM yesterday. The weather was beautiful–cool and still–and my patio looks so nice with the new mulch job I performed last week out there. My neighbor came over and we shared a bottle of white wine.

I stayed home last night, dining on leftovers and watching the Iowa caucuses, which turned out to be a mess, but I’m sure they will get everything straightened out eventually. I went to bed around eleven and read for a while before slipping into dreamland.

BTW, how’s you like to spend an hour smooching with Mr. Gorgeous to the left here. What a pair of lips. 🙂

I don’t have a lot on my plate today, just errands to run–supermarket and drug store. I need to finish weeding my parkway out front, and begin the process of mulching out there. Since the weather is perfect again today–sunny, cool and still–weeding and mulching won’t even seem like work. No plans for tonight, other than dining on fresh salmon.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone. 🙂

Naked young men and windows; beautiful day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m not sure why, but often when a young man is spending time naked at home (And they do so frequently.) they seem drawn to the windows, to peer outside. Or are they risking being seen by their neighbors intentionally? I suppose it depends on the guy, right?

Anyway, I find the guy to the left here nicredibly sexy. Great skin and hair, nice muscles, and that butt. Aye-yi-yi, he could spend the day naked at my house any day of the week. 😉

Well, my friends and I had quite the good time last night, sharing a blaze in my friend’s fire pit before watching the Super Bowl on his big-screen TV. I picked up pizzas and salads for the four of us, which were delicious, and I was home by 9:30.

I was up at 8:30 this morning, feeling refreshed and ready for the day. And what a day it’s going to be. The weather outside is perfect–sunny, still, dry and 70 degrees F, what we in Florida call “chamber of commerce” weather.

I took a walk down to the seawall near my front door, just a few minutes ago, to take in the beauty of the beautiful place I live. I watched boats cruising by on the Intracoastal Waterway, and sunbathers enjoying the fine weather.

Um- have a look at the young man to the left here. He’s a beauty, isn’t he? I love his lean body and tousled hair, definitely boyfriend material. I wonder why he’s standing next to that window? Maybe he’s hot for his neighbor and is trying to seduce him. Hell, he could certainly seduce me. 🙂

I got two hours of solid writing done this morning, and since it’s nice outside today, I will perform some light yard work this afternoon, the last of my mulching project. It will hardly seem like work because of the weather, so I am actually looking forward to it.

Have a nice Monday, everyone.

Lovely Vova, as a youth ….

Hi, friends and readers:

This morning, I posted a photo of the Russian porn model, Vova, when he was in his prime. That’s him to the left here, when he was just beginning his career. He looks so innocent, but of course he wasn’t at all. I hope he’s doing well in retirement, and perhaps living with an oligarch. 🙂

It has been a quiet day for me. Although the sun shone all day, the temperature stayed right around 58, and a still breeze blew out of the northeast, making it seem even colder. I wanted to do some yard work, but conditions were too damned chilly for this FL boy.

I’m about to hop in the shower to get ready for tonight’s Super Bowl gathering. It should be a good time, but I’ll be home while halftime takes place. Have a nice Evening everyone. 🙂

More guys with amazing butts; the sun is finally shining ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve always been a self-described “ass man”. I like a guy with smooth, firm and rounded buns I can worship as I please. And nobody ever had a better rear end than Russian porn star Vova, who you see to the left here. The photo was shot probably fifteen years ago, when Vova was around eighteen. I wonder where Vova is today, and if he still looks good? Anybody know?

I gathered with three friends last night at one guy’s house in northeast St. Petersburg, about a 25-minute drive from my home. I felt fine all evening, until I was driving home around eleven, and a wave of fatigue washed over me, nothing subtle, I felt like I’d been clubbed over the head. I made it in my front door, and I had just enough energy to take two Tylenols and get into bed. I had a case of the chills, and then some fever, before falling asleep.

I don’t know whether I still have some flu virus in my body or if it’s something else, but this is the third time in a week a “wave of fatigue” has washed over me, and it’s not pleasant. I am attending a Super Bowl gathering this evening, but I intend to keep things tame and leave during halftime, so I can drive home safely and watch the rest of the game at home.

For the first time in four days, the sun is shining again. It’s a little chilly out there, 58 degrees but it is so nice to see the sun. Despite last night’s bout with fatigue and chills, I am feeling fine this morning, and ready for a nice day.

Have a great Sunday, friends, and if your boyfriend has a nice butt, give him a squeeze or two. He’ll love you for it. 🙂

Hot guys in backward ball caps; another gloomy weather day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I love the look of a backward ball cap on a hot young guy, especially if he is not wearing a shirt. The cap gives him a sense of irreverence toward authority. But only guys under thirty should wear their caps backward. It’s a ridiculous look on a forty-year-old with a beer belly.

Our friend to the left here seems to have something weighty on his mind. Did he fight with his lover?

I slept in late today, after a restless night in bed. I was up multiple times, to get a drink of water our visit the bathroom, and I had some fairly strange dreams with multiple cast members. Not sure what to make of all that, but I wasn’t out of bed this morning until 10:30.

Now here’s a nice look to the left here–ball cap backward, long sleeve t-shirt, and white briefs that display a nice bulge in the pouch. He’s a sexy guy, and I like his fuzzy calves, they might be nice to rub my legs against on a chilly winter night.

Speaking of chilly…a cold front rolled into our area just after midnight, bringing with it heavy rains that went on all night long. Maybe that’s why I kept waking up. Right now, it’s pretty nasty out–chilly, rainy and breezy, not the kind of weather conducive to outdoor activities. I’ll stay inside and take care of correspondence. I’ll do some editing on my novel-in-progress. Then, around 6:30, I’ll drive into the city to spend time with two close friends I am going to Mardis Gras with later this month. We’ll drink some wine and dine on Chinese takeout, and it should be a nice evening.

Have a pleasant Saturday, everyone.

A boyfriend in your bed. What could be better?

Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve been in two long-term relationships with men during my life, and one of the best parts of both those relationships was sharing a bed every night and waking up next to each other every morning. It’s what I miss the most about having a partner. What’s better than waking up on Saturday morning and snuggling under the bed covers for a spell, maybe dong a little smooching, or maybe even more. 😉

I spent a pleasant evening with two good friends last night. We rank a few beers and dined on tasty Mexican takeout. I was home by 9:30 and in bed with a book by 10:30. I was up at nine this morning, and after a quick breakfast, I poured myself a cup of coffee and got busy at the keyboard. I wrote fresh material for my novel-in-progress for two hours, good stuff I really like.

You know, my book kind of stalled out during the holidays. Then I caught the flu right after Christmas, and it knocked me flat for two weeks. I was so weak and tired I did not have the energy to write fresh material for my book. But now I am back in my writing groove, and the words are flowing nicely. It feels so good. 🙂

By the way, how’d you like to have Mr. Cell Phone to the left here, lying naked under the sheets on your bed? He’s just my type, lean and lanky with fair skin and dark hair. Definitely boyfriend material. 😉

I don’t have a lot on my plate today, other than potting a plant I bought at Home Depot, a very pretty peace lily I will put on my back porch to replace a plant that is dying. If we don’t have rain this evening, I plan to build a blaze in my fire pit around 5 PM.

Have a nice Friday, everyone.