Another handsome guy; another quiet night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Isn’t the young man to the left here beautiful? And it’s such a nice photo. I love the expression on his face, as if he’s saying, “Hi, mister, I’m lonely. Will you take me home with you?”

Well, sure, I will…. 🙂

I had an amazingly productive afternoon. I hit the wine market and supermarket. When I got home, I put everything away, and parked my car. I got the duvet cover back on my bed (a task) and took all the Christmas lights and Frosty the Snowman down from my deck. I took all the Christmas ornaments off my tree and boxed them up. I put Frosty in the attic, and I paid bills.

Now it past five PM and I am feeling good. I had more energy today than I have had in ten days, so I think I’m on the verge of full recovery from the flu. It feels good.

Have a nice Thursday night, friends.

A pair of super handsome guys; Martin’s on the mend ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes, when I’m at the supermarket or walking on the beach, I’ll encounter a young man who steals my breath he’s so attractive. It doesn’t happen often (sadly) but when it does I wonder if he has a private life and who he shares it with.

I mean, look at the guy to the left here. He is simply amazing, but does he have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? What are his sexual tastes? Does he realize just how beautiful he is? All interesting questions …. 😉

I slept until ten AM this morning, after spending the early part of yesterday evening sitting around my fire pit with a neighbor, enjoying the flames and the cool night air. I dined on soup boosted with leftover steak and it was quite tasty.

I am feeling much better today, but I am not at 100% by far. I still feel somewhat fatigued and have to be careful about pushing myself too hard as I recover from a terrible case of the flu that consumed almost an entire week of my life. I wouldn’t wish that stuff on my worst enemy.

BTW, is the boy in the lower photo cute or what? And he looks so lovely in his red suspenders and bow tie. I wonder if he’s going to a party or attending a wedding? Wish I could be his escort. 😉

Like I said, I need to pace myself today, but I need to visit the wine market and the supermarket. I want to take down my exterior Christmas lights and my Frosty the Snowman. And I need to get my duvet cover back on the duvet, which is always a an arduous task. I am not going anywhere to night, I won’t have the energy. So it’ll be a quiet evening for Martin.

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.