Sexy Gavin Casalegno; busy afternoon in store for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

For years, I though Brazilian fashion model, Francisco Lachowski, was the sexiest man alive, but I’m afraid he’s been eclipsed by actor and model, Gavin Casalegno, whose photos you see here this morning. Isn’t he beautiful? He has it all: nice hair and skin, a slender build with broad shoulders, and the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen on a guy. I have never seen any TV shows or movies Gavin appears in, and I wonder if he’s a very good actor. Does none know whether he’s skilled? Or is he just pretty?

Well, I was reading in bed last night, right around midnight, when a young man contacted me and kept me on the phone for about an hour, until I finally told him I needed to go to sleep. He’s extremely attractive and pretty bright, and he only lives a two-hour drive from me, in central Florida. He wants me to visit him for a night, and I agreed I would before ringing off. By then it was close to one AM, and as a result, I ended up sleeping until ten this morning. Oh, well, I guess I needed the rest.

Now it’s close to noon, and I have much to do this afternoon. I need to visit the wine market and the supermarket, and I have a ton of household chores I need to get done. I need to work on edits on my friend’s environmental law book, and around 4:30 PM I will take a two-mile run for some exercise. Thankfully, I don’t have anything planned for my evening, other than drinking a couple of beers on my observation deck, and dining on fresh salmon.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.

3 thoughts on “Sexy Gavin Casalegno; busy afternoon in store for Martin ….

  1. I’ve only seen one of Gavin’s movies, “I am… Gabriel” on Netflix. He portrays emotions powerfully-has an empressive range. And of course his eyes are amazing to gaze into. The director’s take advantage of that and shoot lots of extreme closeups. I don’t think he’s been given the right opportunity yet, based on clips of his other works; he keeps getting cast as an angel, saint, or demon, or demon fighter – in Christian themed movies with simplistic scripts.

    • I’ve seen several Gavin movies, and looking forward to seeing many more. I definitely want to see Time Out. Looks interesting. Oh BTW, I love microwave pot pies. Love you and your movies.

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