Another cute guy with freckles; Martin has a houseguest ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Oh, to have a cute boyfriend with freckles on his nose and cheeks would be utter bliss. How’d you like to spend a weekend with Mr. Necklace to the left here. He looks like a total sweetie, doesn’t he?

It’s been a busy and sometimes frustrating day here. I was pretty much restricted to the house because the tile guys were here laying new travertine on my front porch. Around 3:30 PM, I drove to the supermarket and to the seafood market, and when I tried to start my car after visiting the latter, it would not start for several minutes. 🙁 I just had it in the garage to have the battery and alternator checked and everything was fine. Now I’ll have to take it back to the garage tomorrow to have it looked at. I can’t stand having car trouble; it’s why I always keep my Element on maintenance schedule, but here I am. 🙁

My sister’s visiting me for a few days, to help me with my hand surgery Tuesday morning. It’s only day surgery, but I can’t drive myself home, so she’s doing that, as well as making sure I’ll be alright Tuesday evening.

Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

Cute guys with freckles; busy day for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I don’t know why exactly, but I find a guy with freckles on his face extremely sexy. Maybe because the freckles lend a boyish air to his appearance. But anyway, I think the guys in today’s photo posts are adorable.

Yesterday, I spent a thoroughly enjoyable early evening with my good friend and neighbor. I grilled pork chops and teamed them with sweet potatoes and veggies. We shared two bottles of wine and a lot of laughs. But by nine PM, I was utterly exhausted from the yard work I’d performed in the afternoon, and I was in bed with a book by 9:30.

I’m a heavy sleeper, but sometime in the middle of the night, like three AM, my phone started pinging, over and over. I didn’t even bother opening my eyes, I just let things go until this morning. When I woke up, a little after seven AM, I found several text messages from one of my boyfriends I see occasionally. He’s a student at Florida State, but he’s home for the summer, and I think he might have been buzzed on something because he wanted to come over to my house–at three AM. Well, that wasn’t happening in any case, but I texted him back this morning to say I got his messages. Maybe I’ll see him later in the week.

I got busy right after breakfast, performing a trim repair on my front screened porch, doing laundry, and preparing my vacation rental next door for a family member’s visit. At 10:30, I’m visiting a tile store with my tile man to purchase new travertine tiles for my front porch. Then I need to visit the supermarket and fish market. I’m having day surgery on my hand on Tuesday morning, and I need to stock up my kitchen in the event I’m unable to drive for a few days.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.