Sexy and slender; productive day for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I know many of you guys out there like men with bulging muscles, and I get that. Beef can be sexy. But for my money, I’ll take a slender young man any day. I mean, who could resist running his hands over the smooth flesh of the young man to the left here? Not me. In my book, he has the perfect build, and I love his wavy hair. Definitely boyfriend material.

Today was my first day home after my three-week excursion to the far West, and I stayed busy all day.

The first thing I did was unpack my suitcase and backpack, and put things away. I ran a huge load of laundry and went through about two-thirds of the mail that came in during my absence.

Around two PM, I ran errands–wine market, drug store and supermarket. Now my kitchen is stocked and ready for the remainder of the week.

Now, have a look at the young man to the left here. All right, you might say he’s almost skeletal, but I still find him extremely attractive. Do you?

Outside, it’s pretty steamy. It’s been raining a lot in the Tampa Bay area the past few days, and the humidity is very high, but I have my a/c running and it keeps me cool and dry.

I don’t have a lot planned for my evening, other than cooking myself a  nice chicken and pasta dish I always enjoy. I have a DVD movie I want to watch, and I’ll open a bottle of California Sauvignon blanc to enjoy with my meal. It all sounds good to me. Have a nice Wednesday night, friends. And if your boyfriend’s skinny, pinch him on the butt for me. 😉

2 thoughts on “Sexy and slender; productive day for Martin ….

  1. Hi there Martin! I used to be subscribed to your list but my previous email account is no longer available. I cannot find an option to subscribe again to your list, is that option removed? If not, can you help me get subscribed again? Thank you very much!!

    • Hi, Leo:

      Here’s how to subscribe, I believe: Go to the bottom of the sidebar on my home page. Under the heading “Meta” you can click on the word “Register, and it allows you to subscribe when you provide your e-mail address. Let me know if this works, and thanks for your interest in my site.


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