More of Matt Meola; productive day for Martin ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I just know you guys loved the Matt Meola photos I put up this morning, so I’m giving you two more this evening. Sadly, nowadays Matt has a long beard that hides his handsome face, and it’s not becoming. Matt, take more care with your appearance, please. Don’t take your good looks for granted. And put up some new photos on Instagram after you shave. 😉

I had a super-productive day. I did 2-1/2 hours of solid editing. Then, after lunch, I got busy. I paid bills and made phone calls. I ran a load of laundry and folded it all and put things away. I cleaned my refrigerator, my kitchen surfaces, and my kitchen floor. I replaced the light in my oven that had burned out, and I washed my duvet cover and put it back on the duvet. I even worked on some plants on my back porch that needed trimming. Lastly, I ran two miles in the heat. (I love my new Asics shoes.)

In a few minutes, I’ll climb into the shower and get myself ready t head into the city for “boys night out” with my best friend. Have a nice Thursday night, friends.

Sexy Matt Meola; another steamy day on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

The beautiful guy you see in today’s photo posts is Matt Meola, one of the world’s best surfers. Matt lives on Maui, in the Hawaiian Islands. The photos were taken several years ago, when Matt looked his best. Unfortunately, like a lot of straight guys, he hasn’t taken care of his appearance in recent years, and doesn’t look nearly as good as he once did. 🙁

Anyway, there’s a button in the sidebar to the right with another photo of Matt, and the caption “Martin’s Favorite Surfer.” Click on it, and you can watch Matt’s surfing abilities and also savor his beauty. What a babe …. 😉

Well, I woke a little before eight this morning, and I got right out of bed without a problem, for the first time in many weeks. Maybe whatever bug has been causing me to sleep ten hours each night has finally left my body. I sure hope so.

Anyway, after breakfast I got busy with revisions to my novel-in-progress, which is close to completion. I worked steadily for 2-1/2 hours, and now the time’s close to eleven AM.

Outside, it’s hot and humid, but at least there’s a nice sea breeze blowing. I hope it keeps up so it’ll help keep me cool when I run two miles this afternoon. I have some indoor household projects I will work on, and I have correspondence to take care of, so I’ll stay busy.

Since today is Thursday, I’ll be driving into the city around 5:30 PM, to spend the evening with my closest friend. It’s a weekly ritual I always enjoy, and I know my friend does to. 🙂

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.