Sexy Kevin Keirmaier; baseball on tap for Martin tonight ….

Hi, friends and readers:

As mentioned in this morning’s post, a friend and I are having an early dinner, then attending a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game, in downtown St. Petersburg. The Rays are playing the L.A. Dodgers, which rarely happens, so I’m eager to see how things shake out. I’m also excited about seeing my favorite Rays player, Kevin Keirmaier, whose photo you see above. He’s a fine ball player, and cute as hell. (Sadly, I believe he’s married.) 🙁

Anyway, it should be a fun evening. I’ll have to eat some roasted peanuts and drink a beer or two at the game. 🙂

Have a god Tuesday evening, friends.

Martin’s short novel, “Love Quest”, and a nice message from a reader ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Back in 2011, Noble Romance Publishing released my short novel, Love Quest. Here’s the book’s blurb:

“Eighteen year old Jamie Bliss ages out of the foster care system, a victim of repeated sexual abuses. After hustling tricks and living on the street for a time, Jamie enters into a pair of abusive relationships before meeting Evan and Frederick, a gay couple who become Jamie’s mentors. Can they help Jamie overcome his destructive past? His low self esteem? And when Evan introduces Jamie to Evan’s colleague, Jack, a young school teacher who pursues Jamie’s affection, can Jamie open his heart to Jack? Despite the bad cards life has dealt Jamie, is he still capable of love?”

When Noble Romance folded in late 2012, I had Love Quest re-published through Amazon’s Createspace, and it continues to sell decently today.

Yesterday, I received a message from a man who’d just finished reading Love Quest. He said this:

“Your book really hit home for me because I grew up in foster care, and I was also a victim of sexual abuse, although nothing as bad as poor Jamie endured. Like Jamie, I grew to distrust people, particularly when it came to romantic relationships. I always asked myself, ‘What’s this guy want from me?’

“Anyway, I’m a strong person, and after foster care, I worked full time as a restaurant server and went to community college part time, and I earned an A.A. degree. Then I got my B.A. from the state university’s local campus. Now I teach middle school.

“The luckiest day of my life was when I met my partner, quite by accident, at a teachers’ conference. We’ve been together six years and I love the guy to death. So, my personal ‘love quest’ had a happy ending.

“Thanks for writing Love Quest.

Wow, it’s always nice when someone tells me one of my books meant something special to them. That message made my day.

It’s a steamy day, here on the island. I’m hiding out in the a/c and working hard on edits for my novel-in-progress. I have a few errands to run this afternoon. Then tonight, I’m having beers and dinner with a good friend, and we’ll attend a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game. The Rays are playing the L.A. Dodgers, who I have never seen in person before. Both teams are having great seasons so far, and hopefully tonight’s game will be a close contest.

Have a nice Tuesday, everyone.