Another guy in a backward ball cap; musical theater in store for Martin tonight ….

Hi, friends and readers:

Here’s one more backward ball cap photo I really like. The guy has a great, lean body, nice hair and beautiful skin. Aye-yi-yi, what I could do with him. 😉

I ended up skipping the YMCA today. I spent all day yesterday on my boat, and I needed to get things done around here. So, I took care of correspondence, made phone calls, and ran errands. I even walked another three miles, this time on the beach.

Now it’s 4:30 PM, and in just 90 minutes I’ll pile into my Element with my sister and her husband, and we’ll eat dinner at a tapas place downtown. Then we’ll attend a live musical performance of the play, Mama Mia! in a city park, put on by our local theater company. We go every year, and it’s a;ways a blast. Plus the evening weather in May is outstanding.

Have a nice Wednesday night, friends.

Guys in backward ball caps; beautiful morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

A backward ball cap adds a dashing look to certain guys’ appearance, but it’s strictly a look for young men. The only time a guy over thirty should turn his ball cap backward is if he’s on his knees and providing pleasure for his companion.

Anyway, I think My. Basketball Court to the left here looks great in his ball cap. He’s a sexy guy: great skin and nice muscles, definitely boyfriend material. 😉

Well, I did not post yesterday, and for good reason. My fishing camp’s 80 miles north of here and I keep my boat in a marina up there. My last visit, a part broke on the outboard engine that keeps the motor tilted up and out of the water when it’s parked in my boat slip. I had the Suzuki dealer order a new part, and I had hoped I could install it myself, but no. When I drove up there yesterday, the situation was too complex for me to handle.

Since I was already up there, I decided to pull my boat out of the water and trailer it to the dealer for repair. By the time I did all that and drove home, I had been on the road all day, and I was exhausted. My sister and her husband, who are staying next door, hosted me for dinner, and afterward we went to the shore to watch sunset, a relaxing way to end a hectic day.

Last night, I was too tired to do anything but climb into bed with a book and read. But I got a good night’s sleep and now I’m feeling great. My boat should be fixed in a few days, and then I’ll get it back in the marina.

It’s a beautiful morning, here on the island–sunny, dry and breezy, and not too warm. I’ll work on edits on my latest book, which is nearing final completion, and maybe I’ll go for a walk before lunch. Since today is Wednesday, I will visit the YMCA this afternoon for a workout and lap-swimming.

Have a great day, everyone.