Another slender guy; pretty night on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

In keeping today’s photos theme, I’m putting up another “slender guy” photo this evening. All right, this boy is super-skinny, but I still find him attractive, especially since he’s not wearing a stitch. 😉 I wonder what he’s looking at through that window? Probably some guy in his neighborhood he’s hot for.

It’s been a peaceful day, here on the island. I took a three-mile walk around one PM, which was simply wonderful because the weather was so nice. I started out in a sweater, but soon shed that and did most of the walk in a t-shirt. The sun shone and there was no wind, and I would guess the temperature was around 72 degrees F. Perfect …. 🙂

After my walk, I ran one final errand, to pick up some firewood and a box of fake logs from the supermarket, which was surprisingly empty of patrons. I spent a little time watching football, and now it’s five PM. I’m going to build another blaze in my fire pit tonight, because it’s too damned pretty outside to stay indoors. I’ll listen to my Bluetooth cube and enjoy tending the flames.

Have a nice Sunday night, friends.

Sexy and slender; sunny and brisk on the island today ….

Hi, friends and readers:All us gay guys have a thing for men with muscle, and that’s fine. But I also have a taste for slender guys, as long as they have broad shoulders and a nice round butt.  I mean, would you pass up a few hours in the back seat of a car with the guy in the top photo here? Of course you wouldn’t. Not only is he slender, but he has great hair and skin, and I like the way he’s showing off the waistband of his boxer shorts, as if to say, “Want to get inside these, daddy?”

I spent a nice couple of hours last night with a neighbor and friend, sitting around a blaze I built in my fire pit and listening to music on my Bluetooth speaker. The evening was cool and still, and I got a good fire going. After my friend left, I warmed up leftovers and watched an NFL game for a bit. Then I sipped a little wine by my fireplace before retiring and reading in bed.

It’s a beautiful day, here on the island, cool, sunny and still. Right after I finish this post, I plan to take a three-mile walk to enjoy the pleasant weather. Then I need to visit our island’s Italian bakery to buy bread for the Christmas dinner I’m putting together with friends. I don’t really have any plans for my evening, but that’s okay.

All right, everyone, I need to put on my walking shoes and get out the front door. Have a great Sunday, wherever you are today, and keep smiling, it’s important.