A shirtless guy in a beanie; it’s cold on the island tonight ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I decided to put up one more “guy in a beanie” photo this evening, and I don’t know about you, but I think Mr. Shirtless to the left here looks pretty damned good in his beanie. What a great body, with a handsome face to go along with it. Definitely boyfriend material …. 😉

I had to call my doctor’s office to schedule an early appointment tomorrow, because I have developed an ear infection, likely due to water getting trapped in the ear when I swim my laps at the YMCA. Thee inner ear is kind of achy and I’m sure I’ll be putting antibiotic drops in the ear tomorrow. Oh, well, that’s the price I pay for staying fit. 🙁

I still went to the YMCA this afternoon, to workout and then speed-walk on the treadmill for twenty minutes. I felt great when I left for home around 3:30 PM. Now I’m back on the island, freshly showered and ready for a relaxing evening.

It’s cold and windy on the island tonight. I think the temperature’s going to dip below 50 degrees F overnight, which is just about as cold as it ever gets here. It’s fine with me. I have a good HVAC system that will keep me toasty, and a gas fireplace to enjoy as well. Bring the chilly weather on ….

Have a nice Monday night, friends.

Sexy guys in beanies; chilly morning on the island ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I like the look a beanie imparts on certain guys, but you rarely see young men wearing beanies in Florida because it’s rarely cold enough here to warrant wearing one. Today, however, is an exception. When I walked out my front door to collect the morning newspaper, it was cold and gloomy outside. My cell phone says it’s 58 degrees right now, which is pretty low for central Florida.

I actually don’t mind the cold weather, after enduring five months of hot and humid conditions. I might even get a blaze going in my fire pit tonight if things stay chilly. And the cold weather reduces our insect population, which is also a welcome relief. Bring the frigid temperatures on.

A friend and I visited my timeshare to use the hot tub and sauna last night, We ended up sharing the facilities with a group of folks from Maryland who were very nice, plus one young man–I’d guess he was 21–was extremely handsome in his board shorts. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. 😉

Anyway, I went to bed early after our visit to the timeshare, but then I ended up reading for a long time. Then I slept until nine this morning, which is late for me. I worked on a writing project for a bit, and then solved the N. Y. Times Monday crossword puzzle.

Since today is Monday, I’ll be visiting the YMCA for a workout session, but no lap-swimming today, as I am fighting off an ear infection and need to stay out of the water until the infection clears up. 🙁 Instead, I’ll take a three-mile walk after I get home from the YMCA. (Hey, the sun just emerged from behind the clouds. Yay ….)

All right, everyone, have a nice Monday, wherever you happen to be today.