Beautiful guys with blue eyes; fourth and final installment of “The Mirror” ….

blue eyes #2Hi, friends and readers:

I’ve always been a fan of guys with brown eyes. If you met my boyfriend you’d know that. 🙂 But guys with blue eyes can be pretty damned seductive as well, like the two in today’s photo posts. Which guy do you like better? Me, I’d take either one ….

I attended a wine-tasting sponsored by our neighborhood association last night. The wine was good and there was plenty of tasty food there too.. So I enjoyed myself. I spent a little time afterward with my boyfriend, once he was done studying, and then we hit the bed.

I  rose a little later than usual this morning, but I still managed to walk three miles on the beach. We are still experiencing unusually warm weather for November, but at least I didn’t break a sweat. Back at home I got busy on my novel-in-progress, and now it’s almost time for lunch, so I’ll keep this post short.

blue eyes #4Okay, here is the fourth and final installment from my story, The Mirror. Remember folks, it comes with a caveat.The story contains graphic depictions of to sexual activity between two adult males. If this sort of thing offend you then you shouldn’t read The Mirror. 


The Mirror, copyright Martin Delacroix 2014

We slept naked in my bed that first night, spoon-style. I lay facing Thad’s back, with my arm draped across his chest, and my nose buried in his luxuriant hair.

When I woke the next morning, Thad stood in the kitchen, drinking water from a glass. He was still naked, and the sight of his lean physique and meaty cock made my pulse race. He smiled at me, and warmth filled my chest.

When he admired the briefs I wore—a pair of skimpy black ones—I took them off and handed them to Thad. I said, “Try them on.”

Initially, he donned them backward, and that made me laugh. But when he turned them around, and then slipped into the briefs, he looked sexy as hell. The briefs contrasted nicely with his fair skin.

Taking him by an arm, I led him to the mirror.

He grinned at his reflection. Then he turned this way and that, toying with the elastic waistband. He pulled his cock out of the briefs’ opening in front. Then he stuffed his cock back inside the undies.

“I like them,” he said. “They hold my prick and balls nicely, and the cloth is soft.”

“They’re yours,” I told him, patting his bottom.

He pointed at my tattoo. “What is that?”

When I explained, he said, “I’m a Gemini. I should have one as well.”

Reaching for my cock, he stroked it with his fingertips until it stiffened.

“Kevin, can I spend another night?”

After stepping behind him, I wrapped my arms about his slender waist. My boner poked his rump. I rested my chin on his shoulder. Then we looked at each other in the mirror, both of us smiling.

“Thad,” I said, “you can stay as long as you like.”

* * *

I lent Thad a T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and a pair of sandals. Okay, the shirt sleeves didn’t reach his wrists, and the cuffs on the Levis rode far above his ankles, but he stilled looked cute.

I took him for a ride in my car, to the center of town, so he could see tall buildings. I bought him a hamburger, fries and a chocolate milk shake at a fast food joint. He marveled at the meal. We listened to a rock ‘n roll radio station, and his face lit up while he slapped the sill of the passenger door, keeping time with the beat. His head wagged from side to side. He insisted I take him to a tattoo parlor, to have a Roman numeral two inked on his biceps, just where mine was.

It felt oh-so-sexy, watching Thad sit shirtless in the parlor’s chair. He gritted his teeth and clenched his jaw, while the needle buzzed.

In late afternoon, we returned to the house. Shadows were long, and a shaft of sunlight entered my bedroom through a double hung window. We sat side by side on my queen bed with our knees touching.

I stroked Thad’s cheek with a finger.

He blushed and gazed at his feet.

I nuzzled his ear; I kissed his temple.

Seizing his chin, I turned his face toward mine, and then I brought my lips to his. He did not resist when I pried his mouth open and slipped my tongue inside him. I placed my hand at the back of his neck, underneath his shaggy hair, and our tongues rubbed while his breath steamed my upper lip. His chin stubble scratched against mine.

Minutes passed. I pulled my lips from Thad’s, and then I gazed into his glittery eyes. “I want you to fuck me,” I said. “Will you do that?”

He raised his shoulders. “I don’t know how.”

“I’ll show you,” I said.

“All right.”

We got naked while the sun descended, and light drained from the room. When Thad removed his briefs, his cock was already stiff and bobbing. I couldn’t resist, I sank to my knees before Thad, and then I took his cock into my mouth. I nibbled his foreskin with my front teeth before peeling it back and exposing the head. Already, he leaked pre-come. I lapped up the salty pearl up and swallowed it, before taking his whole cock into my mouth.

He groaned while I sucked him; he toyed with my ears.

I played with his nuts. Reaching behind him, I fingered the crack of his ass, all the while slurping like a kid with a snow cone.

After a quick lecture on safe sex and techniques of butt-fucking, I slipped a condom over his erection. Okay, I guess HIV wasn’t around in 1863, but you should always be careful, right?

He took me on my back with my legs hiked, and the backs of my knees resting on his shoulders. My hole was greased with lube. He kissed me while his hips drove forward, and his cock plowed my pucker. My ex-boyfriend, Craig, wasn’t well endowed. My hole hadn’t been seriously stretched in a while, and I squealed when Thad entered me.

He froze. After pulling his face from mine, Thad looked at me and frowned. “Am I hurting you?”

“It’s okay,” I said. Then I sucked air through my clenched teeth. Jesus, I thought, this boy’s pecker is a goddamned bratwurst.  Yippee-tie-yi-YAY.

Thad fucked me hard, thrusting his hips. He pounded my ass and jabbed my prostate, making me yelp. We both worked up a sweat, and the day’s last sunlight reflected off our skins. Our tongues twirled and rubbed.

The bedsprings sang.

Outside, two boys—my next-door neighbor’s kids—played catch in the twilight. Their baseball snapped in the pocket of a glove, each time a boy made his catch. Their high-pitched banter floated in through the window: innocent and sweet, just like the guy who made love to me.

Thad lifted his mouth from mine. He looked into my eyes, while continuing to thrust. His face shone with sweat, and his eyes gleamed as though he were high on some sort of drug.

He smiled at me, and I smiled back.

Thad smooched my damp forehead. “Kevin, I’ve never felt as good as I do now.”

His remark made my heart sing. How good it felt to be held and appreciated; how I’d missed this sort of intimacy.

He increased the frequency of his thrusts. His breath huffed and sweat dripped off his nose, while I flexed my hole against the shaft of his cock.

I sighed with pleasure. “Fuck me, lover boy.”

His cock throbbed inside me. He raised his chin and cried out. His seed flooded the condom; it took me over the top. I felt as though I were riding a rocket. I didn’t even touch myself before I came. My cock spewed sticky pearls; they splattered my chest and neck. I closed my eyes and sucked air. I savored my orgasm, thinking, Oh-h-h, Thad …

After our breathing slowed, we cleaned ourselves up, and then lay naked under the sheet, in near darkness. Thad’s cheek rested on my sternum, while I stroked his hair.

“I don’t want you to leave tomorrow,” I said.

“I must; the animals have to be fed, and so forth. There’s much to do on a farm.”

“Stay with me instead. I’ll take care of you, and we can do this every day.”

He rose on one elbow and looked at me. “It’s not possible, Kevin. Mama needs me, and I can’t let her down.”

I couldn’t help it; I wept. Why did it have to be this way? I’d found someone I could love, someone who could love me. Why did he have to be a ghost, for God’s sake?

Thad kissed my cheek, then my eyebrows. He whispered, “Don’t cry, Kevin; it’ll be all right.”

* * *

Here’s the awful thing: for several weeks after Thad departed, I tried re-connecting with him via the mirror, but couldn’t. I stood before the mirror for hours at a time, with my hand to the glass. I waited for the warmth, for Thad’s apparition to appear. I waited for the buzzing in my ears to begin, but nothing happened. Either the mirror had stopped working, or Thad didn’t want to see me again.

I suspect the mirror’s the culprit, not Thad. But whatever the case, I’m once again a lovelorn queer—heartbroken and lonelier than a shipwrecked sailor.

At times I’ve questioned whether Thad actually existed. Had he been a dream?  Even worse, maybe I’d been so desperate and needy after Craig dumped me, that I had created Thad from my imagination. Was I was nuts?

I don’t think so.

You see, Thad left something behind when he departed: his red bandana. I haven’t washed it, and I can smell his body odor when I bring it to my face.

He was here, all right.

I don’t understand how the mirror works. Really, how does anything work? But maybe one day we’ll reunite: Thad and me.

I miss him—his touch, his voice, and his smile. Thad’s my ghost lover, you see.

He’s my Gemini brother.

-The End-


Okay, folks, that’s the entire story. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I liked writing it. I don’t normally write about paranormal characters, but I certainly enjoyed getting to know Thad.

Have a great Thursday, everyone.

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