Beautiful Marat; beautiful day on the island ….

marat close-upHi, friends and readers:

See the young man to the left? His name is Marat (at least when he poses for porno stills) and I find his beauty almost unearthly. These photos I have posted here this morning were probably taken five years ago, when Mrat was eighteen or nineteen.

I wonder where Marat is today, and if he’s still as beautiful as he was when these photos were taken? Does anyone know? I believe he is Russian, and it’s my guess he’s living with a wealthy man on the shores of the Caspian Sea. The man no doubt showers Marat with gifts in exchange for sexual attentions. I picture Marat tooling about town in a bright red, convertible Porsche. The wind is tossing his hair about and . . . .

Marat smallerAll right, I’m day dreaming and getting off track here. Hopefullly Marat is happy wherever he is.

I rose at nine this morning, too late for a walk on the beach. I got to work on my novel-in-progress. I finished one scene and then I started another.

Now it’s almost lunchtime and it’s a beautiful day, here on the island. The sun is shining, the air is still, and the temperature’s around 76 degrees F. My boyfriend’s not working today, and we plan to watch the Green Bay/Detroit game at 4:30 today. Sometime before the game starts I plan to take another 14-mile bike ride for exercise.

Have a nice Sunday, everyone.


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Marat; beautiful day on the island ….

  1. re: Mrat…
    Martin, i believe his appeal is the result of an
    unusual ability to appear adolescent, quite young
    in the camera lens. Of course he is young, but appears younger still to the beholder (through the lens). It’s not an accident. A very old trick, actually.
    But it works on the ‘right sort’ of audience.

    • Hi, William:

      Yes, Mrat does have a “boyish” look in the photos I posted, but if you aw any of his nude photos, you’d know he was an adult. The boy is hung like a horse. Thanks for writing.


  2. Thank you for this post and let me make a note. The name of young man is Marat (second part of the word is stressed), not Mrat. This name is Muslim and used widely in Muslim parts of Russia generally.

    This circumstance explains his very special kind of beauty, also. Hi is not 100% ethnic Russian, of course. A mixture of different bloods makes the look of kids amazingly beautiful often. Marat is a perfect example in the case.

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