Hot guys and their skimboards; Martin’s hitting the road ….

Hi, friends and readers:

In Florida, if a guy wants to surf, he travels to the East Coast, to Brevard and Volusia Counties, where the waves appear pretty consistently. Waves on the Gulf Coast are rare. Even when we get them, they aren’t much.

But we do have miles and miles of flat beaches with sand as white as sugar, and gentle waves that strike the beach and fan out into inch-thick sheets of water. Those are perfect conditions for skimboarding. In fact, Florida’s collegiate skimboarding championship competition was held just down the street from my house, two years ago.  The sights were … amazing.

This morning I’m posting two photos of skimboarders. The sport requires a fair degree of athleticism and fitness. Thus, the guys who skim are usually quite hot, as you can see.

I took my usual beach walk this morning. The sky was overcast, the air damp and warm. A series of rainstorms is lurking offshore, and every so often a storm will cross our island, dumping lots of rain. I still took a swim after my walk, but the Gulf was pretty rough, and I didn’t stay in long.

My boyfriend and I will visit the YMCA this afternoon for a workout and lap-swimming. Then we’ll travel north, to Gainesville, FL, home of the University of Florida, my alma mater. My boyfriend’s been promoted to a new position with his company; he’ll be doing a lot of work in Gainesville, so we must find an apartment for him to live in when he’s working there.

This change came quite suddenly, and it means we’ll spend a lot of time on the road, visiting each other. But that’s okay. Work comes first, as they say. And I like Gainesville; it’s a great town full of college kids and university staff.

So, we’ll travel up I-75 this afternoon, and tomorrow we’ll visit various apartment complexes in search of the perfect abode, with the necessary amenities and the right location. Wish us luck, friends, and have a nice Monday, wherever you are.


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