A cute guy with headphones, another in a hoodie ….

Hi, friends and readers:

I strive to find unique photographs to post on this site, some sexy, some weird or inspiring. But the two I’ve posted here this morning I chose simply because the two young men are so damned cute. Is that okay?

I woke this morning to the sound of rain pounding my roof and thunder rumbling in the distance. Needless to say, I didn’t take my usual morning walk, due to the weather. I simply made breakfast and brewed coffee. I’ll walk later today, when the weather clears up.

At this time of year, I actually enjoy rainy weather because it cools things off, and helps plants and trees flourish. I live on a barrier island which has mostly sand and shell for soil, and things get dry really quickly. So, a rainstorm is most always welcome.

My boyfriend, who’s been working his buns off for the past three weeks, left for work early this morning, and I am home alone. It’s okay, that means he’ll be home early today, so we can share a nice meal together. In the meantime, I have much to do next door and at home. I’ll work on my new novel a while. Then, after lunch, I’ll patch a wall and do a little painting on the rental apartment next door. It’s not exciting stuff, but what else can I do on a rainy Sunday afternoon?

I’m getting food feedback on my recently published anthology, Boys in Heat. The book contains three erotic stories of young men who’ve had trouble in their personal lives. Each finds solace in the arms of another guy, through very unique circumstances. If you want to check out Boys in Heat, just click on the cover in the sidebar at right, and your can learn more about the book. It’s available in print or Kindle versions.

Okay, friends, it’s time to get busy/ Have yourselves a pleasant Sunday, wherever you might be.

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